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How the Staff Tracker can help your business

The Telelog Staff Tracker is fully automated, with the following features:

- Staff attendance is registered via a computerised voice system, which in turn instantly appears within a web browser.

- The Alert System activates alerts for "No Show", "Late Show", "Early Leave" or when selected staff clock in.

- For health and safety purposes, a "No Logout" or "No Heartbeat" alert is available for lone workers. Alerts are sent via email or as SMS text messages to managers or directors as required.

- All management information can be accessed in real-time, and online status pages are updated instantly.

- Numerous user-friendly management reports for overviews by staff, managers, site or area. Reports are generated with actual, calculated hours and costs against budget, all summarised.

- Our unique Quality Control Report give an instant overview in red, amber and green quality levels, while the detailed Quality Management Report can be sorted by day, staff, area or site.

- Payroll data becomes available in real time with Telelog, and can be adjusted and downloaded for import into many of today's payroll programs. Payroll reports can be produced for any period of time.

- Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable customer service is never far away with a quick call to our 24/7 help desk, or a visit to our comprehensive self help library and ticketing system.

To find out more about customising the Telelog Staff Tracker to suit your needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch.