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Our pricing structure

We pride ourselves on having a extremely competitive pricing structure within our industry. Our pricelist is transparent and easy to understand, and above all else, you'll always know what you're paying for.

The basic unit you charged for is an "entry". An entry is one action by your staff into the system from a remote location using a telephone or some other registration means. This can be a login or a logout, a request for supplies, a "heartbeat", a quality check or a general-purpose code entry.

Telelog's pricing is based on volume. So essentially, the more you use us, the more staff you put onto the system, the more we're able to lower our prices for you. But it doesn't stop there. If you're a large company, you'll have high volumes and therefore will get the best rates. But what about smaller companies?

We offer even lower rates to customers who use our pre-paid service. Some of our smaller clients buy their entries in bulk from us, and so are able to benefit from the lowest rates, just like large corporations. However, even very large customers can benefit greatly from pre-paying if their finance systems allow it. Prepaid entries don't expire, and so a large bulk purchase can be used up over any lengths of time.

If you want to accurately find out how much you could save by using the Telelog Staff Tracker then, click on: ROI (Return On Investment) calculator.

See our complete price list here.