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Do you know how productive your workforce are?

What you pay your staff is an ever-growing expense, and it's likely to be your biggest one. If not carefully monitored and analysed, it will undoubtedly contribute to declining profits. However, it's rare that a business has the time or resources available to explore this important issue thoroughly.

Telelog Staff Tracker is a system created for this purpose, and gives businesses the immediate benefit of having a comprehensive, easy-to-use programme on tap that allows you to keep track of exactly what your workforce is costing you.

Successfully used across the world for almost two decades, Telelog Staff Tracker was created by executives, for executives, and continually undergoes improvements to make it an essential tool in today's market. We're so confident of its effectiveness that we happily offer all of our customers a no obligation, 30-day trial of the system.

We're proud that our fees are amongst the lowest in the staff monitoring industry, but our customer satisfaction rates are amongst the highest. Our system is highly flexible and helps businesses of any size, both large and small. Find out more about the Telelog Staff Tracker on this site, and apply for your free 30-day trial today!

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Below are a selection of our customers. See more references